We have included the dome tent manufacturing manuals in every domes price. As a result, we get all the required data for manufacturing self supporting structure for any dome. The manuals are designed to fit the level of tooling available to the manufacturer. For 3D printers and digitally controlled robotic tools we generate dxf models for every element. Yet if you only have a saw and a drill, we design the manual to require only the tools you have got.

Despite of it's high technology level, any enthusiast is capable of producing and installing an identical kit, with minimal set of tools and knowledge. During the 15 years in the field we have actully sold more instructions, than domes. Using these instructions, everyone was able to build at least one geodesic dome. Our global clientelle benefit form elimination of costly shipping and customs fees. Each manual can be used to make any number of domes.
We have designed our manuals within the 5 page pdf, reflecting all details of the manufacturing and installation.
The main part of any instruction manual is ongoing consulting, that is also included in the kit, with no expiration date.