If you've desided to place an order for dome tent or pavilion, then we'll start with figuring out the purpose of the structure. During this phase you'll be able to point out all of your desires regarding the diameter, height, area, volume, materials of the frame and dome cover, modular floors, and all that seem important. As a result, you'll be able to see what your future dome looks like in 3D, while we are getting all the data forthe materials consolidation and manufacturing.
The next step is manufacturing, shipping and installation of the ready dome kit. For better quality assurance, and to save on shipping, we manufacture our domes near the installation site. The dome tent installation takes up to 24 hours.
The geodesc dome tent covers are made with non-flammable polypropylen canvas of varios colors, purpose, and transparency, made in Japan. That allowes to satisfy any requirements, for any weather and climatic conditions. The canvas line up includes regular tent fabrics of any color and transparency level to special soundproofing, blackout, thermal barriers, snow slide assist films.

NASA is using the thermal insulation simillar to the one we includein Winter Tent Kit. It works like the thermal mirror, reflecting the heat instead or slowing down its' loss. That, in turn, combined with the dome shape prevents the mold and condensation, as well as the heating bills.
Radiant heated floors with the finish of your choice works as the heat source, eliminating the need for regular heaters.
The windows are used in the passive mode to harvest the solar heat.
Additionally, during the order placement, please describe your ideal vision of your tent. Remember that your dome tent is upgradable, so you can add required domes at the later time, interconnecting them with tunnels. Please ask about other options, including winter gardens, pool covers, gym and playground covers, stables, technical and storage facilities.

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