The roof is protecting the dome home from the rain and snow. The dome home is almost entirely roof. Dome roof is very simillar to the regular roof.
The best choice for the dome home roof is asphalt shingles. Do you want your roof to perform for few decades with no maintenance? Then, take a look at Tegola product. Truly elite roofing, beautiful looking and strong as armor, comes out while using basaltic granules – especially strong mineral, with zero moisture absorbtion, promoting the higest quality roofing, but also aesthetically pleasing. Exclusive ceramising technology, when the high temperature promotes the creation of protective shell around each granule, that keep the roof color for the lifetime. The granulate is also protecting the bitumen layer from any damage and UV rays. The moredensity has the granulate, the better is bitumen protection. Elite shingles are always made with fractional granulate. TEGOLA uses the basaltic granulate of three fractions: fine, medium, and large. This is the reason why our shingles are performing for up to 60 years. We have included the cost of installation into the complete dome home kits price.
The "Traditional" or "Castor" models are offering rounded shape of each shingle. TEGOLA recommends to select this model for all dome designs with round or dome elements or convex shapes.
The roofing kit inclides water proofing, that seals the dome home, protecting it from leaks and drafts.
Equipping the home with this roofing kit is the first step to building a passive house.

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