Before we tell you just how do we get this effeciency, lets look at the dome shape. Everyone knows that the dome does not let drafts, and retains the heat like no other shape. The indoor air is circulating distributing the heat evenly to all the volume. The right location of the windows will allow the direct solar heating in winter, while protecting from the summer hot suns rays. We are sucessfully using the thermal insulation, that reflects the radiant heat. With the weight of the regular paper, and a few millimeters thick, it prevents up to 99% of the heat loss. During the summer this insulation is reflecting the heat, keeping it cool and cosy, promoting the Thermos effect. The standard insulation is normally slowing down the heat loss, while the Space Shuttle Insulation that we use tend to completely reflect the heat. With this insulation coupled with the ideal air circulation there is no need for moisture insulation, and no worries about the mold, condensation, and humidity.
The heat recovering ventilation is well known from the times when the fireplace labirynths were retaining the chimney heat. We have included the chimney heat exchanger to heat up the incoming air. For the summer heat we have dome chilling effect in place.

Domes impermeability is essential for heat retention, and provided by the water proofing includud in the roofing kit. Notorious thermal bridges do not exsist in the dome home design, as well as the thermal reflector is located before the nodes.

All of our dome homes comply with Passive House Standard in standard kit, with no price increase. We understand, that you want to live in cosy and warm home, with no worries about the heating bills. The next step is an Active House. The one that produces more energy, than consumes энергии.

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