We have included the manufacturing and installation instructions in the price of any size geodesic dome home ready to move in. We have got the initial manuals data to manufacture any dome home as a result of the Architectural Design Phase. The manuals design is considering the level of tools and technology available. This way, we generate the DXF models for the computer controlled tools and robotized manufacturing.

Regardles of high precision engineering, the same kit can be made by anyone, with minimal tools set. We have sold more instructions then homes in past 15 years. And using these manuals, all of our clients, were able to manufacture and install at least one geodesic dome, using local materials. Given that we get orders from all over the world, we save our clients the costs of shipping and custom duty, allowing any number of clones made.
We are capable of creating a manual on 5 pages pdf, reflecting all details of the manufacturing and installation.
The owner of a manual is capable of manufacturing of any number of geodesic domes.

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