If you desided to order a dome home, we'll begin with an individual architectural solution. During this phase you'll be able to point out all of your requirements regarding the floor plan, area, dome size, height, finish materials, equipment for the kitchen and bathroom, and everything else that is important to you. You'll be able to see how your home looks in 3D way before it's made.
The next step is manufacturing, shipping and installation of the base kit. For the quality control we are manufacturing the dome homes near the installation site, that allows the Free Shipping. Yhe installation of the dome home base kit takes up to 48 hours.
Roofing asphalt shingles kit, windows, and water insulation will permit the interior decoration work in any climatic and weather conditions.
NASA is using simillar heat insulation, that is included in out Passive House Kit. It's not slowing down the heat loss, but preventing it by reflecting the heat waves. That, in turn, combined with the dome shape helps avoid mold and humidity, while ridding you of the heating bills.
Radiant solid birch heated floors, works as a heat reflector, excluding the necessity to install any heating arrays.
The doors and windows fit the Passive house requirements, and are used in the passive heating system a sources of the natural heat.
The fireplace is working as a heater, thanks to it's heat exchanging chemney, that is heating the incoming fresh air with the outgoing combustion gases.
Additionally, during the order placement, please describe your ideal vision of your deram home. Remember, that your dome home is upgradable, and you'll be able to add bedrooms, connecting them to the main dome with the dome extentions. Please ask about options like the winter garden, pool cover, recreative areas shelter, playgrounds and gyms, stables, technical and other structures.

  • CAD/CAM Architecture and 3D interior design

    We have included the architectural and design services into the price...More

  • Manufacturing Manual

    Within the five pdf pages we have explained the manufacturing and installation in details. There are over a hundred of dome homes and... More

  • Basic Kit

    For the ones, willing and able to install and finish their own dome home, we offer basic prefabricated dome frame kit... More

  • Passive House

    Airtight design, shape, reflecting insulation, energy retaining windows and doors, heat exchanging ventilation, radiant heat hardwood floor... More

  • Roofing Kit

    Asphalt Shingles and sealing will protect against the rain and winds... More

  • Equipment and Accessories

    From unique interiour decoration and custom kitchens and bathrooms to screw poles and wheel kits... More