Any event, exibition, youga or martial arms class, and other activities need an instant and low cost sheltering structure to protect the people and equipment from the weather, sun and wind.
Our event tents for any purpose are custom designed and manufactured, considering all of the clients requirements. Varios tent canvas for the geodesic dome covers, made in Japan, allowing us to find an individual solution for every client.

Our Blackout PP canvas reflect 99% of the radiant heat and light, making it completely dark, and reflecting the suns heat.

Translucent non flammable canvas for the green farming, winter gardening, and botany gardens, are also used in the event tent as an elastic windows and required glazing.

The Snow Off canvas are assisting the snow sliding even with very low inclination roof surfaces.

Sound Proofing canvas are designed to conduct the noisy events without the accustic contamination. The canvas reflect ant absorb 90% of the noise, and combined with the dome shape, the silence is garanteed.

We offer a Warm Tent Upgrade for any winter event tent. This add-on includes an R4 thermal insulation, and the radiant warm floor, used as heating.

Your tent can be made using any combination of the materials and colors, according to the purpose. It will be equipped with the ventilation system, entrances and everything you might need.

We are able to manufacture any size and natural shape tent. We are making geoeggs, geoapples, and geopineapples. No limits.