If you have desided to place an order for Wind Power Station from us, we'll begin with calculating the power requirements, and designing the perfectly tuned system. During this phase you'll be able to point out all of your wishes regarding the nominal and peak power production. We'll cacefully hand pick the best combination of programmables controllers, chargers, and other required equipment to transform the wind and solar power to desired final power and voltage. As a result, you'll be able to see the turbine in 3D, we'll get the manufacturing specifications.
The next step is manufacturing, shippping, and installation of the complete system. All of our systems are manufactured near the installation site, that permiots the free shippingh to anywhere. All the controllers are programmed to the optimal production with given light and wind conditions. The wind power system installation takes 12 hours.
Purchasing a renewable energy kit from us today, you are gaining your energetical liberty and independence. Freedom from bills for many decades ahead.
Additionnaly, while placing an order, please describe your ideal view of your wind generating system. Remember, that your Wind Power System is upgradable, and you'll be able to add turbines and solar panels at any time to obtain the required power production, connecting them to the system on the fly.

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