For the ones, willing and able to install and finish their own dome home, we offer basic prefabricated dome frame kit. Minimal complectation, including structural lumber struts 145 mm х 45 mm, alloy self guiding hubs, hardware, and triangular plywood panels. We choose furniture grade dry lumber. The hubs steel has directing function, and in tension, that allowes substential savings on every step, from planning and manufacturing, to dwelling. We treat the hubs against rust and aging. Water repellant plywood from 15 mm thick makes roffing and insulation an easy task.
The base kit price includes manufacturing and installation manuals for all the interior parts.

At the clients request, we are able to simplify the complectation, substracting the parts, that the client is able to obtain elsewhere at better price. This way, some just get hub and strut kit, to cut their own plywood to our manuals, others want to purchase just the hubs. We are not eager to sell you some plywood and lumber, we sell the main load baring, self suppotring structure for your dream home. Everything else you´ll find at any local market, if our price will seem high, but the basic kit of this high quality you´ll find only here.

We are the first ones to build oval shaped geodesic dome homes, apples, eggs, Sponge Bob Pinapples, pumpkins, mushrooms, and other natural symmetry objects. The project work with unique shapes do not take more time, nor cost more, and includud in the price of the kit.

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    For the ones, willing and able to install and finish their own dome home, we offer basic prefabricated dome frame kit... More

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